Ramakrishna Mission, Malliankaranai
Ramakrishna Mission, Malliankaranai
A branch centre of Ramakrishna Mission

Relief-Covid-19 June2021

21.06.21 09:45 AM Comment(s)

Covid-19 Pandemic Relief Services 

  • Distribution of Groceries to poor 

So far we have distributed groceries bags to 800 families.

The grocery items are:

1.Thur Dall 1Kg, 2.Moong Dall 1Kg, 3.Urad Dall 1Kg, 4.Bengal Gram Dall 0.5 Kg, 5.Cooking Oil 1 Litre, 6.Sugar 2Kgs, 7.Samiya 1 Kg, 8.Suji 1Kg,  9.Pepper 100 g, 10.Jeera 100 g, 11.Mustard 100 g,12.Turmeric Powder 100 g, 13.Salt 1Kg, 14.Washing Soap 2 Nos, 15.Colgate Tooth Paste 100 g, 16.Bathing Soap 1No.

Relief Video