Ramakrishna Mission, Malliankaranai
Ramakrishna Mission, Malliankaranai
A branch centre of Ramakrishna Mission


04.03.21 09:14 AM Comment(s)

Help to the needy 

Funded by Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, we took up a project near Malliankaranai, place called VINOBHA NAGAR where people at the level of the feet who deserve for even minimum livelihood materials.  Considering their poverty we distributed Bed sheet, mat, cooking vessels and garments to the entire 60 families.  They were very much happy to have them.  Our Revered Secretary Maharaj addressed the gathering.  Revered Swami Satyavidanandaji Maharaj, Head of the Kanchipuram graciously accepted our invitation to come and distribute the household things to the people.  The programme ended with the distribution of sweet prasad.